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Stienen Bedrijfselektronica bv
Mangaanstraat 9
6031 RT Nederweert
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)495 - 63 29 26
F +31 (0)495 - 63 29 81
E info@StienenBE.com

Latest News

Quality of
a family business

Familie bedrijf bedrijf Stienen Bedrijfselectronica

Reliability, technical advancement  and
long-term investment so that we can help our clients to improve their performance continuously. We believe in the quality of our company as a family business.

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Pig housing


The maximum possible
result at the minimum
possible costs. This is only
possible if at any given
moment you can see
what is going on and
can control your housing
climate precisely as
you want.

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Poultry housing


You are in control. For this you need perfect control of feed, climate and production results. Stienen provides a complete range of proven technology that guarantees an optimum result.

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Natural ventilation


Support naturally ventilated housing with mechanical ventilation. We have developed controllers for fans, air intake valves and curtains for livestock housing for cattle and turkeys, for example.

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